Recent Review by Dan Allende

Added on by Sean Howe.

My friend Dan recently wrote a review of my work that summed up my work well.

I would like to share it:

Sean Howe is an artist and geologist. Using common everyday objects with natural materials to make sculpture, painting and collage, he merges the natural world with the man made. His work relates most closely with the geologic theory of the anthropocene, a proposal to define the current geologic era as one where the natural environment is permanently altered by the presence of manufactured material. As our plastics begin to be embedded in layers of geologic strata, comparably the viewer can see the natural world interrupted by a microwave, trash bag or light bulb in Sean's work. Similar to a geologist, you have to search through levels of visual wonder to see the infrastructure of collected junk, exposing a deeper level of material. The juxtaposition of the natural beauty, folk aesthetic and the found object parallels geology's new found understanding of how our human epoch will be represented in geologic time. Undoubtedly future civilizations will unknowingly uncover Sean's work buried among the detritus of our daily lives, and won't be able to tell the difference. 

Dan Allende